Caring for Children with Disabilities

Opportunity to both learn and discuss together how to care for children with disabilities

5th Oct 2023 at 9.00am (CET), 10.00am (EET), 8.00am (UK)  
A 4-hour online interactive seminar (plus a mid-event break) 

A half-day working seminar for people wanting to learn best practice in caring for children with disabilities. We invite registrations from Europe-based church leaders, children and family workers and Christians who work with vulnerable children.

Children with disabilities are routinely rejected by parents and raised in institutional homes in many countries, even in Europe. In countries where family-based care is the priority, children in state care who have disabilities remain those for whom it is the most difficult to find foster or adoptive families. 

Be Inspired by Testimonies and Expert Insights 

In this exploration of God’s call on us to care for the most vulnerable children, we are privileged to be joined by people whose commitment, expertise and compassion embodies God’s heart for disabled children. 

Join them and us and engage in discovering: 

  • What God says in the Bible about how He sees disabled children. 
  • Testimony of Christians from around Europe who care for disabled children in their homes, their ministry, and their professional calling. 
  • Insights from those partnering with government and social services responsible for state sector children’s services. 
  • What God is saying about what you, your church or ministry can do.  
  • The programme includes teaching, presentations, group discussion and personal reflection.

Interpretation will be available based on the nations represented.

Insight from Experienced Specialists

We are currently finalising who will speak. As we confirm names of speakers and a little about them will appear here. 
Alex Ilie 
Alex and his wife Natalie adopted their 4-year old severely disabled son Eric as a baby. They count it a privilege and have discovered the joy of raising this special boy. Alex is also Executive Director of the Romania Without Orphans Christian Alliance, ARFO. He will share both his testimony and biblical teaching about God’s heart for disabled children and His calling to us all. You can watch Alex's adoption story here.

Amy Hutchison
Amy is a missionary with SIM Canada, having recently returned from Romania, where she worked with orphans in state care, as well as volunteering at an early intervention center for children with disabilities. Her time spent working in orphanages has strengthened her resolve to be involved in the nurturing of and advocating for vulnerable children. She is currently assisting the WWO Europe team with fundraising, and communications.

David Neufeld 
David, a publisher from Germany, and his wife Carolin adopted Alexander and Samuel, two nice guys with Down-Syndrome (born 2001 and 2006). These decisions affected not only the mission of their publishing house but also led to the deep conviction that people with disabilities carry and embody important messages for the church as well as for the whole society.

Estera Cibula
Estera, and her husband Denis, live in Serbia. They have a 4-year-old son and foster 6-year-old twin girls with disabilities. Estera's professional background is in music and photography.  Currently, Estera is a full-time mom, who is starting a ministry to mothers in her village and "without orphans" movement in Serbia. Estera's heart goes to vulnerable children and families who are in crisis. She considers it to be a blessing to be able to serve in these areas. 

Kathryn Jones
Kathryn is a missionary who has been living in Moldova for almost a decade. She is an executive board member of the Christian Alliance of Moldova without Orphans. She has her Masters and Educational Specialist (post graduate) degrees in the field of Special Education. Kathryn has over 20 years of experience working with individuals with unique learning, sensory, and behavioral needs. She taught children with special learning needs in state schools in the United States for 12 years before moving to Moldova with her husband to work with vulnerable populations. Kathryn and her husband spent the first five years of their time in Moldova in full-time foster parent roles. Kathryn spends her time partnering with local NGOs and governmental organizations to provide training and support to stakeholders in at-risk communities in Moldova. 
Join us on 5th Oct to consider these questions and explore what our response is to make sure that the children we work with are cared for.  


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Interactive Seminar: Event Details

A 4-hour online interactive seminar (plus a mid-event break) 
5th Oct 2023 at 9.00am (CET), 10.00am (EET), 8.00am (UK) 
This event will be directly relevant to you if you are based in Europe or serve into Europe and

  • are providing local or national leadership with a church or a Christian organisation 
  • are supporting families and children at risk, children separated from their birth families or focusing on preventing family separation 
  • are working with or helping disabled children in orphanages or other institutional settings
  • are serving or interested in serving children with disabilities and their families

Children with disabilities and their families face very difficult situations every day. This event will provide practical advice about caring for children with disabilities and their families. Applicants from outside Europe or not serving into Europe will not be accepted. 

Free Seminar
There is no charge for this seminar. If you wish to make any donation to contribute to the costs incurred by WWO Europe, you can do so here.