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Leaders and practitioners who share a vision for a World Without Orphans came together in Bulgaria for 3 days in March 2023 to connect, learn and be refreshed. Speakers and facilitators were international specialists, national WWO leaders, and practitioners. Through presentations and discussion, they shared their experience and practical tools with 224 people from 29 nations, all pursuing a world where every child is cared for in a safe and loving family, and reaches their God-given potential. Taking 'Living Refreshed' as a core theme, organisors ensured there was fun, alongside prayer and counselling, for the many participants who have served faithfully through covid and the war in Ukraine. Watch the video and get inspired!  


"It is not just even refreshing for me. It is like, you know, I have one more pair of wings growing in my back and I'm flying back home to do something more."

- Evgenia Taradaika, Ukraine/Poland

Video testimonies

Alex Ilie's Adoption Story


By watching these videos on YouTube, you can select the section you'd like to watch.

Meeting with worship and interviews, featuring stories from Romania and Moldova.

Morning Plenary Meeting with Ruslan Maliuta and Tim Davy.

Meeting with worship and interviews, featuring stories from the United Kingdom.

Meeting with worship and testimonies about God's love for children with disabilities as well as stories from Albania and Bulgaria.

Morning Plenary Meeting with Susan Hillis, Klaus Clement, Tim Davy and Liviu Mihaileanu.

Where do we go from here? Ideas and resources as we move on led by Richard Procter. Communion led by Greg Haswell.

Materials from workshops

Important Topics in the care of Orphans and Vulberable Children: Empowering Ukraine's Children by Nicole Baldonado WWO, Susan Hillis WWO, Praveen Gomez WWO and Lyudmila Bryn, Children's Mission: Empowering Ukraine's children.pdf

Important Topics in the care of Orphans and Vulberable Children: Research and Practice by Dr. Susan Hillis, Dr. Tim Davy, Liviu Mihaileanu and Dr. Sarah Todorov: Research and practice.pdf

Trauma Workshop by Julie Cooper, Trauma Free World: Trauma-Informed Care.pdf



"I’m absolutely charged, motivated and inspired."

"I am very encouraged to work that every child has a family and also has pushed me to think and pray to be a foster parent."

"It was just so encouraging to see how many people are involved in this ministry, and to know going back to my work that there are others with resources, people praying for one another, and a real sense of community."

"Some of the workshops provided very practical tools and resources to share with our teams. It also brought some great connections to build further partnerships and collaboration."

Resources & Webpages

“There is Hope for Me!”  An Interactive Trauma Recovery Workbook for Children, and the “There is Hope” Facilitators Guide in 13 languages. 

We Must Understand Trauma

Defining and Understanding Trauma

Understanding Childhood Trauma Changes Everything

Psychological Trauma: What Was Intended for Evil God Can Use for Good

Child Abuse: What Should We Know?

What Are the Effects of Child Abuse?

Parenting a Child Affected by a Traumatic Event

Survivors of childhood trauma can have a good marriage

When your spouse struggles with past trauma


31:8 Homepage

Safeguarding Children who are Exposed to Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief

Spiritual abuse in Christian faith settings: definition, policy and practice guidance

Practitioner and communities’ awareness of CALFB: Child abuse linked to faith or belief

A theology of safeguarding


Refugee Highway Partnership Homepage

Hostility, Hospitality and Hope

Give Kids A Vision for Aiding Refugees

Embracing the refugees among us


European Freedom Network - Resources for WWO network

Identifying the Signs of Human Trafficking

Assessment Practices and Experiences of Sex Trafficking in Caseloads of Service Providers Working with High Risk Youth in Indiana

Sex trafficking and abortion: The silent public health crisis

Facts and Research on Human Trafficking

Heartbreaking Human Trafficking Statistics

The Butterfly Longitudinal Study of Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

Dr Glenn Miles Homepage - Books and articles especially on trafficking


Dear Prospective Foster Parents

Families Count: Ministering to Parents of Children in Foster Care

The Considering Phase: Are We Cut Out for This?

Why Foster Care and Adoption Matter to Me As a Christian?

Adoption Triad: What Is It and Why Should We Care?

Characteristics of Successful Adoptive Families

The Adoption Journey: An Honest Look at What You Really Need to Know

6 Ways Pastors Can Shepherd Their Churches to Support Foster or Adoptive Families


More than Statistics: God’s Heart for Displaced and Vulnerable Children 

The Book of Job and the Mission of God

Are There Bible Verses about Foster Care and Adoption?


Just Leadership: Putting Integrity and Justice at the Heart of How You Lead

Escaping the Maze of Spiritual Abuse: Creating Healthy Christian Cultures


Parenting Children with Disabilities: Facing the Questions

Find Hope in Raising a Child with Disabilities


Children: The Hidden Pandemic 2021

Caring for Orphans - Footsteps 101

A Heart for Orphans

The Battle for a Child's Heart 

Melted Crayons & Half-Marathons

Lifesong  - Serving children in Ukraine

Play Healing

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