Welcome to the team Amy!

Starting from May 2024 WWO Europe's team has expanded as Amy Hutchison from Canada has taken up the role of Operational Manager.
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Fostering in Finland

It was early in the morning as Christian foster parents Sanna and Marko* began the 5-hour drive to join a training event in Finland. After their long journey they still had strength to join a full day of learning how to better serve and reach traumatized children in Finland. During the seminar for Christian foster and adoptive parents, they shared how their foster daughter Hanna* had reacted to their trip.
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The Miracle of Dunkirk Today

The evacuation of Dunkirk, also known as the Miracle of Dunkirk, began in May 1940, when large numbers of Allied soldiers had been cut off and surrounded by German troops during World War II. Today, we are facing a different kind of crisis: hundreds of thousands of children in Europe are orphaned or separated from their families. Poverty, war, lack of support and other desperate circumstances leave parents unable to provide adequate care, especially if their child is born with special needs. Precious young souls are surrounded not by armies, but by the four walls of an institution, growing up without the love and safety of a family.
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WWO 2024: Ambassadors, a roadmap and a call to strengthen the work with orphans

This is the last of three articles summarising the World Without Orphans 2024 Global Gathering in Thailand.
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Help Danylo and other families in crisis

Together we have an opportunity to help more orphaned and vulnerable children and to strengthen families through WWO Hope Groups and other programs from the WWO Roadmap. $100,000 Needed.
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