Hope Groups Providing Light In The Darkness

World Without Orphans (WWO) HOPE Groups are currently providing comfort, friendship, and healing for dazed, angry, and scared Ukrainian families who have been impacted by war.
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Because a church cared

Olga was one of the many mothers who fled Ukraine with her children after the war broke out. She arrived in Bulgaria with her three children and was met by church members there who have a heart for widows and orphans. 
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Stronger Together

When we work together and collaborate with others, we can achieve more for vulnerable children than we ever could alone. This video reminds us of the power of collaboration and positive relationships in creating a more effective and sustainable approach to our ministry. Watch and share this video with the ones you are working with!
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Finding Hope in the Valley

As we serve those in need, it's crucial to care for our own spiritual health too. Let's take time to connect with God and seek refreshment, so we can love and serve with compassion. Watch this powerful video for a reminder of the importance of spiritual renewal in our work with vulnerable children, and share it with someone who needs encouragement today!
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There is Hope for Me Workshops in Bulgaria for Ukrainian families

'There is Hope for Me' workshops gathered 50 Ukrainian families for training on trauma and how to practically support their children. The workshops were organised by Bulgaria Without Orphans in partnership with YWAM School of Children at Risk trainers, Johan and Jeanette Lukasse, and the Bulgarian charity 'Regal Care'. Thanks to our donors WWO Europe's Ukraine Appeal Fund was able to support the project.
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