Longing to belong

Nadia was a small girl when she became the foster daughter of the Stone family. She not only got parents who cared, but also siblings, and a whole community around her. She lived with this family for the rest of her childhood and adolescence, slowly losing touch with her mother who didn't really care.
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Playing together to connect and heal

A feather is small and light; if you are lucky, you can find them on your walk in nature. Did you know that feathers can also be used to play and help children to connect again with their parents and each other after they have experienced trauma? 
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Collaborate, collaborate!

Jesus prayed for unity. Paul too reminds us about it in his epistles. In Psalms, we read that, where brothers and sisters live in unity, God will pour out his blessings. Collaboration is, in a way, only a new word describing the unity the Bible is calling us to. A unity in spirit and purpose, working together towards the same goal. Read the following report from Barbara Rüegger, a member of the WWO Europe Programmes Team.
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Dealing with war trauma among Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Watch two videos to hear feedback from Emotional Intelligence Training in Poland
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Ukrainian teenagers joining church camp in Slovakia 

Read the report from Slovakia about Ukrainian teenagers joining a church camp.
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