Much Progress, Especially Helping Ukrainians

We have been able to help provide housing for Ukrianian refugees in Croatia, and supported orphan refugees in Germany and Romania. Our partners in Romania and Moldova have also been able to provide more extensive support. In Moldova this assistance includes groceries, document services, legal services, and mental and spiritual counselling. Our partner in Romania (ARFO) organised a three-day Trauma Training at the end of May for refugee mothers, volunteers, and staff about Post-Traumatic Stress and PTSD, Psychological First Aid as well as Self- and Team-Care. Alina from Romania Without Orphans comments: “The trauma training for our refugee mothers, as well as the training for our staff, was extremely impactful and greatly needed. This is something that we have been needing since the breakout of the war.”

Serving Ukrainian orphans and refugees has been a big focus, but we continue to serve in other areas, as well. "Without Orphan" movements continue to be developed throughout Europe, and support provided for those in leadership. An online seminar was held in June. The topic was" Hidden in Plain Sight" and was focused on refugees and human trafficking, because the very vulnerable refugee women and children are very much at danger of being not only victims of the war, but also of being trafficked.

We are also working to organize a large in-person forum in March of 2023 that will support, encourage and equip those serving orphans in all over Europe. Thank you so much for helping to make all of this possible!

Read the full report from our work during the 2nd quarter of 2022: WWO Europe's report, July 2022