Summer Camps & Gift Bags


Ukraine Appeal Fund sponsored 130 gift bags to Ukrainian refugee children in Romania who joined Christian camps during the summer of 2022. Our partners at Heritage Ukraine report from their camps in Romania:  

“Our biggest reward was the feedback from the parents when they said that it was the best time for their children for the last 5 months. Many children are so happy now as they know who God is and that they can have hope in Him. Many parents didn’t believe to the end it was all provided for their children for free. We truly enjoyed this time as much as the kids did. We were glad to work with some mothers on the topic of trauma. We also had daily meetings with children helping to deal with different trauma issues and building up their spirit. 

Once again, we would like to thank you for your generous support in helping us with buying the gifts for the children! All of them, in three camps, enjoyed the gifts very much! The gift bags included stickers, water bottles, a colouring book, colouring pencils, a sweet snack, bubbles, a children’s Bible, and a small toy. It’ll be a great reminder for them of the nice time they’ve had during this terrible situation in Ukraine. We were glad to share God’s love and hope with them! “