Update from Armenia

Armenia claims to be the first Christian nation, but it is also a country that has experienced persecution and suffering. Many people are traumatised and in need of help, including children. For the past several years Armenia was at war with its neighbour Azerbaijan. About a year ago, over 100 000 Armenians who had been living inside Azerbaijan had to flee, losing everything including family members. Psychologists tried to help and reach out, but soon realised that more training was needed.  

In June 2024, Barbara, our team member and trauma trainer travelled to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The goal of the trip was to join a first meeting with people interested in a Without Orphans movement and meet with a group of about 30 psychologists looking for trauma training.

While in Yerevan, we were able to offer training for psychologists and teachers. We also held meetings with people from different churches interested in starting a Without Orphans Movement. Everyone attending those meetings agreed that something had to change in their country to help the most vulnerable children. Many also expressed that they wanted to be part of the change. We are encouraged by their commitment to praying for God to move in Armenia.