How friendship cards help Ukrainian children in Poland

How friendship cards help Ukrainian children in Poland
Everyone likes to get a friendship card

When you google "friendship card", the first pictures that pop up are all kinds of cards to send to friends to tell them you love them. There are also other kinds of Friendship Cards, which help children to identify their feelings and to learn how to express them in a good and helpful way. 

Roman and Tamara in Poland have been working with them for several years already and are able to use them now for the Ukrainian refugee children. Roman and Tamara, who work with YWAM Poland and are connected with WWO Europe, live in Rzeszow, at the border of Ukraine. Rzeszow is one of those places, where refugees from Ukraine first arrive. Being Ukrainian themselves, Roman and Tamara have been involved in helping them from the first hours of the war. 

Being trained in the use of Friendship Cards, they realised, how important these cards will be for the children and their families traumatised by the war. They organised Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution workshops and lessons for mothers. During these events, the participants discover the world of emotions and ways to deal with different emotions in constructive ways. After the seminars, each participant leaves with a set of Friendship Cards - a tool that will help them to continue and maintain their emotional health and their relationship with others. Roman and Tamara have also received requests from local psychology centres, who hired Ukrainian-speaking specialists, to train them in using Friendship Cards with Ukrainian refugees.

WWO Europe was able to support this effort financially so that 250 Friendship Cards sets in the Ukrainian language could be printed. 

Thank you to all who have given to the Ukraine Appeal Fund and made this possible.