Albania is a country in Southeast Europe. Until the early 90’s religion was completely forbidden in Albania. It was considered the only atheist country in the world. Since then the churches have been active again and the evangelical churches have grown from almost none to over 17,000.

Country profile: Albania

Total population: 2.8 million
Total children under the age of 18: 588,000

The situation of children in Albania

About 600+ children are living in institutions, both public and private. Most of the children are social orphans. This number also includes children with physical and mental disabilities. Beyond that, each year approximately 1000 new children are identified as needing protection.

Albania without Orphans (AWO):
Albania Without Orphans began as a movement in 2020, but the seeds of this movement were planted during a series of prayer meetings that began in the latter part of 2019. Since 2020 Orphan Sunday has been celebrated and in 2021 AWO organised a nation-wide conference to bring together churches, Christian NGOs, interested persons and government agencies. It was the first time that these groups came together and had a positive, collaborative working relationship. AWO continues to work on facilitating collaboration to find solutions for orphans in Albania. They are also promoting foster care and services for vulnerable and traumatized children in the community as well as providing training for practitioners.

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