privacy policy

Your privacy is very important to us and so we’re committed to protecting it.

We aim to be as clear as possible about how and why we use the personal data you give us, so if our privacy policy doesn’t fully answer your questions then please contact us by using the contact details at the end of this document. 

Compliance with the current data protection legislation underlies everything we do when it comes to handling your information.


As you engage directly with us:

WWO Europe only captures and stores your personal data when you have given us your permission to do so. Some of this information might be given as you communicate directly with us. For example, you might fill in one of our online forms or speak to us on the phone / at an event. 

Some of that information you give us might be sensitive data, including but not limited to your religious beliefs. 

From website interaction:

Every time you visit the WWO Europe website we will collect non-personal data, such as IP addresses (the location of your computer on the internet), pages accessed, and files downloaded. This enables us to continue improving your experience of our website. 

Some of the links (especially for resources) on our website take you to the WWO Global website. They may collect non-personal data, such as IP addresses, pages accessed, and files downloaded. Privacy Policy - World Without Orphans

No personal data is captured on the website without your permission.

WWO Europe does not receive or hold any credit card details used for donations/payments made via this website. All credit card payments, on this website, are handled by our agents; Stripe. Secure Server Software (SSL) is used to encrypt all credit card information sent from this website.

Indirectly from third parties:

We may sometimes collect your data from third parties such as SurveyMonkey or Eventbrite when you have chosen to engage with WWO Europe and have given us permission to use this information. You may wish to check their privacy policy to find out more information on how they will use your data.

From other organisations with your permission:

We also collect data that you have made available on social media platforms (like Facebook or Twitter - you may want to check their privacy policies to see how they handle your personal data). 

From publicly available data:

We may collect publicly available data published in articles, newspapers, or blogs. We may also collect data made public from Companies House or the Charity Commission.


Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018) there are six lawful bases to process personal data. We rely on a variety of these for using (or ‘processing’) data depending on the purpose for which the data is being processed. 

1. Legitimate Interest

Legitimate interest is about balancing WWO Europe’s interests against your interests, rights and freedoms. Basically, it means that when you provide your personal details to us we may use your information for our legitimate interests to carry out our charitable aims and objectives. But before doing this, we will also carefully consider and balance any potential impact on you and your rights. We will not process data in ways that a reasonable person would not expect us to in the circumstances. We rely on legitimate interests to contact our donors and participants for a variety of purposes, which include:

  • Contacting you about events or resources which you may be interested in, based on your previous engagement;
  • Sending you updates in the post, such as magazines, newsletters, or our Annual Review;
  • Saying thank you by mail if you donate, both at the time of your donation and at other times to communicate our gratitude and to let you know how your gift has made a difference;

You are still in control of how your data is processed, and at any time you want to change your preferences or even unsubscribe you can do that easily by emailing

2. Consent

We will rely on consent for all email newsletters and e-appeals delivered by WWO Europe. We take this consent very seriously which is why we do all that we can to make sure that when we’re asking for your consent we do so clearly, concisely and unambiguously. 

You can withdraw your consent from these channels at any time by clicking on the links at the bottom of any email, emailing

3. Legal

We use compliance with legal obligation as the basis for processing any legally required activities such as Gift Aid returns to HMRC. 

4. Contractual 

If you are an employee, volunteer or lead an affiliated organisation, then we will process your data in order to administer the agreement we have with you. This will include regular communication with you to enable you to undertake your activities on behalf of WWO Europe. 


Process your request / donations and responses:

We may use your personal data to:

  • Administrate your participation in our work or events that we run
  • Keep you updated with the work of WWO Europe 
  • Keep you updated with fundraising opportunities
  • Keep you updated with volunteering / prayer opportunities
  • Process your donations or support you as you fundraise on our behalf
  • Provide you with resources / information you have requested
  • Keep your records accurate and up to date
  • Answer any question you may have

Improve your experience of WWO Europe 

We may use your personal data and non-personal data to improve your experience of WWO Europe, whether that is your experience of our website or how we run our events and campaigns. You are very much part of the journey of WWO Europe and so your feedback is vital to our success.

Update you with employment / volunteering opportunities:

The personal or sensitive data you give to us whilst applying for a job or volunteering opportunity will be used to:

  • Support the recruitment process
  • Enable you to submit your application form
  • Keep you updated with forthcoming job opportunities
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Use 3rd parties to provide references qualifications, criminal referencing, checking services, verification of any information you have provided
  • Provide anonymised data to monitor compliance with our equal opportunities policy


Its storage:

Your personal data is primarily stored in our ‘Database spreadsheet’. This is located in a secure, cloud-based folder, which is only accessible by those - trustees / employees / volunteers of WWO Europe – who have a genuine need to do so. A register is kept as to who has access to this. 

When you sign up to an event on the website it automatically populates a database used by WWO Global Privacy Policy - World Without Orphans – and it generates an email to The data is then entered manually into the ‘Events spreadsheet’ for that particular event. 

Following the event, all data will be transferred to the ‘Database spreadsheet’. One copy of the ‘Events spreadsheet’ will then be kept – in the same secure cloud-based folder – for our records. This will be deleted after three years (as per our data retention policy). 
Any personal data provided in response to any of our surveys will be handled by SurveyMonkey and securely stored on their servers
Occasionally we will download reports from SurveyMonkey and create subsets of the ‘Database spreadsheet’ – to enable us to carry out our charitable activities. The data will only ever be used for the purposes outlined in this policy. This information will always be stored in a secure environment and will be deleted when it is no longer required.  


The length of time that we store your data will depend on the context you provided us with that data, for example, we will keep records of any financial transactions you enter into with us for a minimum of six years. (This will enable us to meet with accounting requirements and respond to any questions from you that arise during that period.) Gift Aid forms and transactions must be kept for a minimum of 12 years after the Gift Aid is no longer valid.

We will continue to review the way we store and use your data ensuring that we don’t hold onto data longer than is necessary. If you have any concerns or questions, then please let us know by using the contact details at the end of this document. 

Who we pass your data onto:

We do not pass any of your personal data on to any other organisations or individuals for their marketing purposes.

We may allow third parties acting on our behalf to access and use your information for purposes within our legitimate interest (e.g. to deliver mailings, to analyse data, to process payments, to process Gift Aid). These data processors have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not use it for other purposes. WWO Europe will select only reputable third parties who will comply strictly with our instructions and with data protection laws, and will make sure that appropriate controls are in place.

With your consent we may pass on your details to one of our partner organisations. 


To be informed:

You have the right to know what we’re doing with your personal data. Hopefully you can see that we take transparency really seriously, however if you have any concerns or questions then please let us know by using the contact details at the end of this document. 

To get access to your personal data:

You have the right to access your personal data. We will do this free of charge although depending on the request we may need to ask for an administrative fee.

To ensure your data is up to date:

We will do all we can to make sure your personal data isn’t just protected but kept up to date. However, if you are aware that the details we have are inaccurate then please let us know by using the contact details at the end of this document.

To be forgotten:

In certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to erase your information. These circumstances include when:

  • The personal data you have provided for a specific task is no longer needed for that specific task
  • You have decided to withdraw your consent
  • You have decided to object to the way we are using your data and there is no good reason for us to continue
  • Your personal data is being used unlawfully
  • Your personal data must be erased to comply with a legal obligation

To limit how we use your personal data:

In certain circumstances, you have the right to restrict how we use your personal data. These circumstances include:

  • When you dispute the accuracy of your personal data – you can restrict us using the information until it has been made accurate
  • When you have objected to us using your personal data and we are considering whether there remains a legitimate interest to us using your personal data
  • If we have used your personal data unlawfully and you choose to waive your right to be forgotten and prefer to limit how we use that data instead
  • If we no longer need your personal data and you require the data to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim

To object to how we use your personal data:

You have the right to object to how we use your personal data. Specifically, you have the right to object to:

  • Our decision to use your personal data when we think we have a legitimate interest
  • Any direct marketing
  • Any time we choose to use your personal data for scientific purposes or historical research and statistics

If you wish to contact us regarding anything you have read in our privacy statement then please contact us using any of the channels listed below:

(If you choose to contact us by post then please include some contact details so that we can reply should that be necessary.)

This privacy policy was released on December 2021.