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Past events

Online Seminars

Caring for Children with Disabilities

Focus on working among disabled children, October 5th 2023

Working Together to Keep Our Children Safe

Seminar about Child Protection and Safeguarding, June 21st 2023

Helping Children Heal Through Play

Seminar about Play Healing, November 16th 2022

Hidden in Plain Sight

Our Response to Refugees and the Threat of Trafficking, June 15th 2022

Hidden Homes, Hidden Harms

Seminar about Domestic Abuse, March 16th 2022

Seeing the Unseen Children

Seminar about Children in the Bible and Responding to the Hidden Pandemic, September 29th 2021


European Forum

Past events

Journeying Together - A Family for Every Child

European Forum in Sofia Bulgaria, March 15th-18th 2023