WWO 2024: Ambassadors, a roadmap and a call to strengthen the work with orphans

This is the last of three articles summarising the World Without Orphans 2024 Global Gathering in Thailand. Read the first part and the second part.

On the last day of the Global Forum, the participants gathered together for a beautiful time of Sunday morning worship experience.

Greg and Michelle Haswell led a time of devotional, and then the conference participants spent a generous time in prayer, introspection, quiet worship and personal Scripture reading. It was a time of reconnecting with the Lord.

Working by regions of the world.

The rest of the day was devoted to regional meetings: East Asia; Europe, Middle East and North Africa; Africa; Latin America; South-east Asia; North America; South Asia. The task of these discussions was “to hear and learn, envision, inspire, inform, equip – and to lay a foundation for a further discussion and collaborative service after the forum”.

After sharing various needs across the continent, the discussion turned towards the topic of partnering towards a more synchronized impact. In order to foster a national WWO movement, the local workers need to invest effort in several areas: (a) study the need and get acquainted with the situation of vulnerable families and children; (b) build relationships with the churches and create a database and a network of their ministries; (c) establish strong relations to governmental agencies that are already working in the sphere; (d) develop a strong network of NGOs who are involved in the process.

Here is the whole article in Christian media that captures important issues and describes what was discussed.