Going through challenging times

When the war in Ukraine broke out, a Croatian foster family invited their friends from Ukraine to evacuate to Croatia. They promised that they would provide a place to live and would take care of them until the war finished and they could go home. After a little more than a month, the house where the Ukrainian friends were staying caught on fire. Praise God it was during the day so there were no victims, but the damage was great, though the situation could have been worse. The roof and one room burned completely. There was also damage to the heating system, walls, and to some floors from flooding.

WWO Europe’s Ukraine Appeal Fund was able to provide funds for rebuilding the house where the Ukrainians were staying. This is a message from the Croatian family to WWO Europe and to those who have donated to Ukraine Appeal Fund:

 “Our family is active in Christian ministry in Croatia. We have fostered children from Roma backgrounds, founded the first evangelical pregnancy care ministry in 2013, served in jails and kids camps, done post-abortion healing, healing after sexual trauma, and counseling. Today we have three foster children and one biological son after 9 years of waiting. He is 3 years old. Through this letter, I really want to say a big THANK YOU to WWO Europe for the support that you have sent us to help us rebuild the house where we host 6 Ukrainians. You really helped us to not be overstressed about how we will pay all the costs and work. We have rebuilt the roof and heating system so that Ukrainians can come back home. For the other things, we still need to wait for construction workers to come. Also, the walls need to dry first. It is very hard to get the workers, but God helped us to fix the most important things right away. We used your money for the work that we have done, and it helped us with all the other donations to cover all the costs so THANK YOU so much!”

Yesterday Richard Procter, the Leading Coordinator of WWO Europe was able to meet with the couple in Zagreb during a round-table meeting for developing the work in Croatia. It is such a blessing to have friends and family in different parts of the world, who can help each other in challenging times.