The Miracle of Dunkirk Today

The Miracle of Dunkirk Today

The evacuation of Dunkirk, also known as the Miracle of Dunkirk, began in May 1940, when large numbers of Allied soldiers had been cut off and surrounded by German troops during World War II. In this remarkable operation, over 330,000 soldiers were rescued by a fleet of naval vessels and civilian boats. Many of these were fishing boats, pleasure craft, and lifeboats: ordinary people who enthusiastically answered the call to service. I have always been profoundly impacted by this story: how so many civilians took part in the effort and worked together in a time of national crisis.

Today, we are facing a different kind of crisis: hundreds of thousands of children in Europe are orphaned or separated from their families. Poverty, war, lack of support and other desperate circumstances leave parents unable to provide adequate care, especially if their child is born with special needs. Precious young souls are surrounded not by armies, but by the four walls of an institution, growing up without the love and safety of a family.

But I could also tell you that countless men and women are answering the call to rescue these children. Ordinary people are “getting in their boats” and working together to end orphanhood. Foster and adoptive families, therapists, volunteers, pastors, government workers, educators… each one so valuable.

You may feel like the work you are doing is small and insignificant. But look around you: together, our collective impact is powerful. This is what World Without Orphans is all about. Imagine the WWO community like that fleet of civilian ships, each doing their part in the rescue mission.

April 8 – 12, we are taking part in a fundraising campaign that celebrates these small efforts, which collectively have a big impact. Any one-time gift up to $50USD given in those 5 days will be matched 50% by Global Giving. By making a small donation to WWO Europe you are taking part in a modern-day rescue mission, offering hope to vulnerable children across Europe. Little by little, we will make a difference! Will you consider joining the effort?

Amy Hutchison,
Communications Lead for WWO Europe

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